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Bid documents for construction forms are always extremely complex. US construction giant, Hines, used Idea to facilitate, develop, design and produce a series of submissions for large-scale projects. Idea has the bid-support expertise, design capability as well as a tried and tested tender facilitation process to take a large amount of the work in developing a submission away from the core team and into the hands of a trusted key team at Idea. This has enabled the professional project directors, architects and engineers to focus on the bidding detail, financial proposal and design proposal challenges in order to achieve a higher level of successful bids.

Design Challenge

Tenders and bid submissions can be complex, follow a non-standardised process and request a very precise format in order to facilitate a sometimes confusing scoring system. In addition, the number of case studies, profile images and opportunities to showcase work is often specifically limited by the terms of the bid. Idea has to understand the specific nuances of every bid request and be able to deliver an outstanding design that the target client will resonate with, while following a complex set of parameters. To compound this, it is also in a pressurised environment of the time, unexpected delays with content and a complex consortium of stakeholders all working on the one submission.


Idea’s expert bid-support team allowed the Hines management team to focus on the core elements that can win a bid, while they were responsible for the break-down of the scoring mechanism. In addition, Idea was responsible for facilitating the diffusion and division of information, as well as creating sub-sections to optimise the marks awarded. We developed a unique design that would represent the Hines brand as well as appeal to the target client whether this be a government planning department or a large corporate client. We constantly facilitate the co-ordination of all information and collation of the final document into an impressive presentation, on-time, every time.