RocDoc has been based in Ashbourne since 2013, and during that time developed and expanded to provide a wide range of medical cover. During the height of the pandemic, RocDoc pivoted into making COVID-19 testing available to organisations and individuals, to help ensure a safe work environment and help stop the spread of COVID-19, in the workplace and in the community.

Design Challenge

A fast turnaround was required with this project, as the roll out of CovidCheck was well underway and with it a new level of exposure for the RocDoc brand. In a couple of days, we had taken the existing umbrella of brands realigned and branded under a new graphical hierarchy.

We evolved the existing pulse graphic, taken originally from owner David Rock and strengthened it into a symbol to represent emergency health that connects through to the division names making up the ROCDOC  brand.

Electric blue for emergency services was chosen to sit against a navy blue and a bright yellow was added for all the signage, hoarding, and branding for the CovidCheck centres.


Overall, a new coordinated brand ‘look & feel’ was developed across the group. In tandem with the brand development, David Rock and the team in RocDoc had undertaken a huge logistical operation to prepare the rollout of Airport Testing Centres with the DAA. The rollout of the new brand took place successfully at Cork & Shannon Airport in November 2020. 

We’re incredibly proud to have been involved in this vital initiative proactively addressing the impacts of COVID-19.