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Solai is an eco-friendly, regenerative, London based fashion brand. With fashion being one of the most polluting industries in the world, it became clear to Founder Sarah Krause & Designer Sara Seb that change needs to happen & it has to happen fast. The Solai team is proud to play even a small part in this revolution towards a sustainable future.

Design Challenge

Originally called Esfera, the team at the now named Solai enlisted Idea’s services work on the development of a new brand. Through remote brand workshops, we identified the key focus of the brand is the regenerative nature of their business. This gave us the basis to develop and create a new brand identity. 

The new brand name created ‘Solai’ is based on the root words for soil and sunlight as well as meaning garden (or oasis) in Tamil, the language spoken in the city of Erode in Southern Indian where the Solai team work with local artisans to create their crafted, hand-loomed fabrics.

Senior Designer Natacha Diaz wanted to reflect this organic, handcrafted ethos of the business in creating the new brand identity, creating something just as visually spectacular and appealing as the clothes designed & made by the Solai team, reflecting their passion and sustainable values.


The regenerative, sustainable nature of their business was a key focus when developing the new brand identity for Solai. With that in mind we developed their new logo, which was hand-drawn by the talented Natacha Diaz.

From there, we created a series of illustrations that reflected their designs, as well as examining how the brand could be rolled out across key marketing collateral.

Learn more about Solai, here.

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