Suirsafe Technologies



SuirSafe Technologies is a European based supplier of PPE and medical products, with vast knowledge and experience across several industries. 


Suirsafe Technologies are a new company with vast experience with PPE and medical products. 

Key to creating a brand and visual language for Suirsafe Technologies and their products were the learnings that we discovered during our workshop with the client. This ensured that we had clarity on the vision, mission, and brand values before building the brand.

The identity we developed reflects the brand’s reliability and trustworthiness and the colour palette brings to life the focused, professional and forward-thinking personality of Suirsafe Technologies. 

In order to ensure a speedy online presence we created a landing page with downloadable pdf showcasing product ranges. We are about to launch the main Suirsafe website which showcases the brand in action. The site needed to be intuitive and clearly highlight both the range and quality of PPE they can supply. We created an informative, professional and humanistic site by using a rounded typeface for headlines,  imagery that reflects the brand colour palette, integrating the visual language we designed in a subtle way and keeping copy concise. 

The brand and visual language suite created for SuirSafe Technologies is a versatile toolkit that will allow the brand to visually grow and expand as their product offering does. To date have brought the brand to life across a range of marketing collateral from business cards to PowerPoint presentation, product pages, a suite of templates and digital presence.


With a successful launch to market in 2020, Suirsafe Technologies is going from strength to strength, providing high-quality PPE equipment at a time when it is needed more than ever.