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22nd February 2018

4 Tips to Maximise your Pay Per Click Strategy

AdWords allows you to maximise your online advertising strategy – displaying your ads to the right people, in the right place and at the right time. Here are four tips to boost your PPC strategy in 2018:

(1)  Include Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are keywords that wouldn’t make sense to your target audience or bring in the leads you desire. Negative keywords remove the search results you wouldn’t want to be found under. For example, if you own a café and only sell breakfast, you would use ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner’ as your primary keywords.

If you’re unfamiliar with Negative Keywords, Google can walk you through the process step by step. Struggling to find inspiration for Negative Keywords for your campaign? You can check the ‘Matched Search Queries’ in Google Analytics to see what people have been searching for.

(2)  Insert Conversion Points on your Landing Pages

You’ve spent a long time optimising your ads so they rank highly on Google’s Search Engine Results Page, but then you link your ads to a generic landing page. This can prove to be a bit of a conversion killer.

Your landing page plays the most prominent role in driving conversions. You can have the most aesthetic website in the world but if you have no conversion point there’s a very good chance that customers will backtrack, unless they scour your website trying to find that all important CTA button.

Having a conversion point is an immediate selling point. The conversion point lines up with the ad that brought your customer to your landing page. The customer fills in your form and then you have a new conversion.

(3)  Set up Custom Audiences for Remarketing

Creating custom audiences in AdWords is a great way to help boost your conversions. You can create unique audience reports based on dates, page visits, actions taken on pages, etc.

For example, you can create a custom report based on people who have visited your landing page and pricing page. This allows you to track prospective customers who are potentially about to convert. You can then follow up with these people and hopefully entice them into converting. Remarketing is a handy tool and should be used in all PPC strategies.

(4)  Optimise for Mobile Phone Users

As of 2016, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop-based traffic. Since mobile traffic is steadily increasing, focusing solely on desktop-based traffic could be detrimental to your business. One of the best methods for optimising mobile is by adding sitelink extensions to your mobile based-ads.

When someone is browsing on their mobile they need real time information and do not have time to stop. For example, if your company sells customisable jackets you could have sitelink extensions such as ‘styles’, ‘designs’ and ‘colours’ which provide users with easy access. Sitelink extensions should be one of your key strategies when trying to convert more mobile searchers.


Paid Search is constantly changing – staying up to date means you can maximise your budget, resources and results.


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