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Whilst a Website Workshop is just a part of the overall Web Process that Idea undertakes, we can also provide this as a standalone service. For clients who initially want to identify what their requirements, options or strategy should be, a website workshop is a great way to establish this, facilitated by website strategists.

This can influence business planning or marketing planning and allow the company leaders to make decisions beyond the web presence. The results of a workshop can then be used in the future, when relevant parties are ready, as a solid foundation and clear direction of what is required from a web project.

We will design the Website Workshop for your project. We will issue a questionnaire to all participants in advance and do our own research before we commence. It is important that your team includes as many representative stakeholders and decision-makers as possible.

Following our structured workshop, we will have an understanding of your goals and requirements, and we will also have teased out some operational and company issues too. We find that our web workshops are beneficial to clients beyond a web presence- and actually create clarity on certain business objectives and understandings.

If you wish to discuss why a Website Workshop might work for your organisation, contact Thomas Kelly at

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