Do you want New Leads or do you want a New Website?

28th May 2020

Do you want New Leads or do you want a New Website?

Since the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented, we have noticed an increase in digital projects at Idea. Many of our clients are using this time to pay more attention to their digital marketing.

The vast majority of companies have a website and are using some digital marketing tactics, but many aren’t sure what to change, what to do next or where to even start. Sometimes it’s thought the best approach is a new website, but what about everything else? How do you get people to your website, or more importantly, what do you want them to do when they get there?

For many companies, the investment in a website represents a large share of their budget, not to mention the time and effort that goes into a new website (trust me, we know!). 

For most companies, digital marketing activities should be generating revenue and profit for your business. Sales start with leads.

At Idea, we can help you look at your current digital marketing activities and see how you can optimise them to deliver more leads.

These could include:

  • Targeted Google Ads campaigns delivering the right traffic to your website
  • Developing a Lead Generation campaign using landing pages and online advertising
  • Improving and increasing your activity on the right social media channels
  • SEO activity to improve your website’s performance

So where to start? Have a look at your digital presence and ask yourself: where are we at and what do we want to achieve? We can help you with this, from performing a Free Website Audit, to giving advice on what digital marketing activities you should be considering. We can even develop a Digital Marketing Plan for you.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that there are some government grants to help businesses, like yours, improve your digital marketing performance.

So, how can you generate more revenue by increasing leads from your digital marketing? Drop me an email at to see if I can help you answer that question.

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