Great Ideas

25th June 2015

Great Ideas!

Here at IDEA we believe that hard work certainly pays off. Sometimes the team will find a way to have a bit of creative and inspirational fun.

Only recently did our project manager, Mark, graphic designer, Emily, and managing director, Ciaran take part in ‘to Hell and Back’, one of Ireland’s toughest obstacle courses. Needless to say, it was messy and it was tough!

Our designer Laura Pittoni and her partner are home brewers of craft beers; of course the office had offered to give them a taste test on a Friday afternoon! We enjoyed the beers so much that the team had come up with the idea to have a BBQ in the courtyard. We’ve had a few days of amazing weather in Dublin this summer, so a small outside event did just the trick to relax on a late Friday afternoon. And it’s not just savoury foods that the team like to get stuck into. A new ritual has recently begun throughout the office, where home-baked treats are brought in to fight the Monday blues. Every week we get something different, like Laura’s pecan and pistachio tart, Elaine’s scones, or Jess’ chocolate protein balls. In these instances, it’s safe to say that we are not the healthiest of offices but it’s always a great start to a Monday morning!

The great weather doesn’t stop with us here at IDEA. A number of our team members are experts at yoga, and what better way to spend our lunch breaks on hot and sunny day with some yoga lessons from Elaine, Laura and Emily?

Here at IDEA we work hard with our clients; and it’s also good to relax with everybody here who shares different ideas and interests to learn new things, and in this sense we are growing as a team. We have the rest of the summer to discover our newest favourite activity; although it still remains that having a cold bottle of Laura’s craft beer is on top as our favourite thing to do on a Friday afternoon!

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