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Brand Proposition

Townmore approached Idea to look at their overall brand proposition. It was important that the brand represented the established values of the company, whilst also reviving it with a dynamic and confident new look and feel. It needed to reflect the scale and quality of projects they now work on.
Expect More
A brand workshop with the Townmore team got us to the heart of where the brand needed to go. Idea worked to evolve the current identity into a brand mark that looked strong, confident and trustworthy. We reflected this strength using all capitals for the typeface and a shield symbol, an expression of confidence and trust for the brand. Combined with a strong colour palette and the inclusion of the aspirational strapline, ‘expect more’, the Townmore Brand more accurately reflects the scale and quality of the work being completed for their clients.
Digital First
We then brought the brand to life through the creation of a full suite of marketing materials and digital assets. This included a comprehensive suite of printed material (pull-ups, stationery and hoarding), as well as the design and development of the Townmore website and social media assets.
A Confident Outlook
The Townmore brand now confidently reflects the scale and nature of the work they deliver. Their communications highlight their consistent focus on quality and investment in new construction technologies that has led to the company‘s growth and success over the past decade.

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