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25th January 2017

5 Tips On Being The Best In Branding

Although there have been thousands of books written on the subject of branding, there are some simple points worth considering in relation to your brand.


1) Branding is not just for big companies

Too often brand experts use examples such as Apple and Nike to explain branding. This gives the impression to SME’s that branding is expensive and only a ‘Big Company’ issue. All companies and organisations have brands, they just don’t all deliver them effectively. The first step is to identify your organisation’s core values and see if these are been delivered to the right audiences. Your brand, in essence, is your business story. The variety of tool you use to communicate this should reflect your history, values and ambitions.


2) Your logo is not your brand

Your logo is simply the single consistent identifying mark that helps people recognise and remember you. Your brand can be the way your telephone is answered, it can be your elevator pitch as well as all the other items such as websites stationery, packaging and brochures.


3) Your brand ambassadors

Your most effective brand ambassadors are staff. If they don’t get it your customers and suppliers won’t. We encourage every company to explain the brand’s history and values to their staff so that they are delivered consistently.


4) A Strong Brand is a Consistent Brand

The key to good engagement with your brand is to keep it consistent. In fact, consistency and coherency are the two key goals of any brand. If you’re a small company it’s relatively easy but if you are larger Brand Guidelines are essential. Brands can be like a virus, as soon as you release a new brand into an organisation it simply spread. Without guidelines, it becomes a bad virus and can kill your brand.


5) Try to be brave

We live in an extremely visual world, 85% of your brand’s delivery will be in the visual arena. There are many bad brands out there and simply being another one should not be your goal. Be extraordinary and tell your story well, ensure that at every point that your brand touches other groups or individuals that it is striking and memorable.


Finally, don’t do it yourself – hire experts.

Nicholas Cloake (MIDI) Bid & Retail Account Director 

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