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6th December 2017

Attracting Property Talent? Make it Fun and Functional!

Businesses are in a constant state of change – and the employment market is no exception. People are the greatest asset your company holds but how can you grab amazing applicants in this fast paced world? Jenny Darmody, Careers Editor at advises “Looking for top talent to join your company? Making your recruitment process more fun might be the key”.

It’s About the Who and the How

Like most companies, Sherry Fitzgerald understand the challenges of attracting high quality employees. It is not only a challenge to attract high level surveyors, project managers and IT staff, but it’s also problematic to appeal to new graduates. Sherry Fitzgerald wanted to stand out at recent Graduate Fairs (where competition is stiff) to encourage new graduates to take property as a career. They approached IDEA to revamp their existing graduate video to reach out to a more informed audience to attract people to their Internal Professional Development Programmes for both their Residential and Commercial programmes.

Championing the ‘Sherry Fitz Way’

In order to appeal to this younger, tech savvy demographic IDEA designed an exciting online game that could be used at career fairs to engage with their intended audience and to attract high quality graduates to their professional teams. They were invited to leave their email address to enter a draw and to hear about future career opportunities. While at the stands potential employees also viewed a ‘talking heads’ style animated video produced by IDEA which highlighted previous graduates who had gone through or who are going through the ‘Sherry Fitz Way’ within the Sherry Fitzgerald and Cushman & Wakefield groups.

This recruitment approach showcases the new exciting, modern working environment within the estate agency area. Working with advanced technology such as augmented and virtual reality and the exciting use of drones would be seen as a huge draw. Other benefits were highlighted firsthand throughout the video – such as working within the exciting Sherry Fitzgerald teams and the social and educational benefits and opportunities that come with the “Sherry Fitz Way”.

The Who and Why’s

In this modern age it’s not just about what you are communicating with potential employees, it’s also how you communicate. By reaching them in a lively, stimulating way you can appeal to and attract top talent. This ensures your business’s people power – and ultimately your success and survival.

Are you looking for a marketing solutions for your business, why not talk to IDEA?


Ciaran Flanagan, Managing Director

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