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9th November 2015

4 good reasons to tender

Although the key reason for any business to take part in a major tender or bid is to actually win it, there are certain times when purely taking part can be beneficial to your business.

1. Bidding increases your profile
The mere act of being included and taking part in a major bid can raise your company’s profile. This may reap rewards in future bids. It may also encourage the awarding authority to include you in future bids or indeed to ask you to supply other services.

2. Promoting your brand
If developed properly a well designed and thought out submission can promote your brand and deliver brand values. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, and illustrate that you are an expert in your area of operation. It also provides a platform to include testimonials from successful projects that you have undertaken.

3. Team building
Any major bid requires efficient team building and team management. Whether you win or not, the experience of project managing the submission will help you develop an efficient process for bid management and also help you identify the real resources needed to take part in a major tender. Another benefit is the opportunity to identify key individuals within your organisation that can play a significant role in bid strategy and delivery.

4. Post Mortem
If you do not win the tender it is important that you find out why. Even it is simply a case of cost it allows you to assess your costing structure for future, similar tenders. If it is for other reasons such as experience or project management expertise, it allows you to revise business processes throughout your organisation that can be applied to all areas of operation.

IDEA have a dedicated Bid Management team that assists our clients with strategy and delivery for bid submissions. The team is led by Nicholas Cloake who has worked on a myriad of successful tenders from the London Olympics to tenders of every scale.

If you have a forthcoming tender please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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