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14th December 2015

10 last minute gifts for your creative friends

Stuck thinking about what to get your creative friends or loved-ones this Christmas? Look no further! Designer Jess has put together a list of 10 Last minute Christmas gifts for your creative friends. Whether you’re looking to spend a fortune and really spoil someone, or you’ve got a budget for Secret Santa, this list should cover you.

Grovemade Walnut Monitor Stand


Posture is everything, and you want your designer friend to be able to raise there necks when they’re talking to you, so why not treat them to a stand for their monitor. It’s made from walnut and looks really cool on a white desk, and we all know how designers are obsessive over their desks (or is that just me?).

Field Notes


Every designer loves stationary (if they say they don’t they’re lying). Field notes are notebooks small enough to fit in your pockets and are perfect for jotting, sketching and writing all ideas down. These one are made from real American cherrywood too, perfect for your paper obsessed pals.

Moleskine Smart Notebook


Want to really impress them? A Moleskine that works with Adobe CC is a designers dream, first you sketch onto paper, use an app to capture your art and, tada, your pencil sketch is now a vector file that a designer can work with.

The Design Deck

A quirky and fun gift that won’t break the bank, are these playing cards with fun facts about the history of design. Test your designer friends on their knowledge of all things design, distract them while playing poker and take all their chips, muhahaha.

Mini Desk Henry


Again, for the desk obsessed, this cute Mini Henry Hoover will suck up and away all those bad ideas and keep your desk organised and clean so creativity has the room to flourish. Magical.

Mini Desk Terrarium


Add some Feng Shui to their desk with this blooming mini terrarium. Succulent plants don’t need that much attention in-case your friends are the forgetful types.

Dinogami – Origami set


Unleash the inner child in your creative friends with this Dinosaur themed Origami set. Comes with 50 pieces of origmai paper to create a jurassic haven. Rawr!

Adult Colouring Book


A relatively new craze, the adult colouring book. Whether it’s for relaxation, stress busting or just for an hour out, sitting down to colour is proven to promote calm and peace. Designers need a break sometimes, let your friends have it in this creative way.

Wacom Intuos Draw


An affordable tablet with great results, impress your creative acquaintances and give them more flexibility with this graphic tablet from Wacom, great for starting out and finding your style, this tablet can be the source of hours of creative fun.

Mini Desk Zen Garden


Do your creative friends need to calm down, just a little bit? A mini Zen garden for their desk can help promote both mindfulness and peace, yielding a clear mind for those crucial creative concepts.

We hope this helps, even just a little bit. Happy shopping!

A very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Jess 🙂


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