28th June 2023


We’re looking for a Junior Graphic Designer

About Idea

We are a Dublin based agency that make amazing things happen through strategic branding, marketing and digital. Our team of creative problem-solvers are up for any challenge and it’s our unique process perfected over the last 25 years that really set us apart. We genuinely care about results, our clients success and having fun along the way.

Who we’re looking for…

  1. Someone who can impress us with their creativity, with the ability to see the bigger picture.
  2. A problem solver who can think quickly on their feet.
  3. An individual who keeps up to date with the latest design trends and new technologies.
  4. Experienced in brand creation and roll out.
  5. Experienced and knowledgeable of the Adobe Creative Suite –  InDesign; Illustrator; Photoshop and XD (or similar). Experienced in After Effects, motion graphics/animation would be a plus.
  6. Experienced in UI/UX design principles, including web and app design, responsive design and working with design systems.
  7. Someone with a keen eye for detail and quality.
  8. Highly organised and proactive – an individual who is happy to both work on their own and as part of a collaborative creative team.
  9. A positive individual who’s eager to learn and grow.
  10. Fluency in English, including strong written and verbal communication skills are essential.

Experience Required

The ideal candidate will have a relevant graphic design qualification with 1 to 2 years experience working as a Graphic & Digital Designer on branding and web projects showing flair and a love for their design. All this and a sound personality too! 

Join an experienced team

Develop your career in our studio. We are a busy, buzzing studio and are looking for the right person to bring their own enthusiasm and design flair to our team.

Flexible Working

We offer flexible hybrid working – a combination of working from home and working in our lovely office just off the canal in Dublin 2.


We offer annual leave of 24 days per annum (and a bonus day for your birthday!) bringing total annual leave to 25 days per year.

Starting your career in Graphic Design

28th February 2023

Starting your career in Graphic Design

If you’re naturally creative, like to solve problems and think outside the box then pursuing a career in graphic design could be just right for you! See our 6 key pointers below on how to succeed in getting started! 

1.    Understanding Graphic Design Principles

The best way to become a graphic designer is to start by taking the time to learn basic design principles and gain a solid understanding of the elements of design. This will serve you well throughout your career.  

A graphic design degree can help you achieve this and you’ll get to develop skills and techniques by working on a wide range of projects. You will learn about typography, layout, illustration, colour theory, packaging design, animation, photography etc. However, if you’re unable to commit 4 years to a degree then you can find accredited online courses that cover all graphic design subjects. There are also online tutorials on websites like Lynda, Udemy and Skillshare. So whatever educational path you choose, take the time to study, find your passion, develop your visual eye for design and then practice applying what you’ve learnt to your work.   

In addition to having a strong foundation in design knowledge you will also need to develop your technical skills. Let’s take a look below at what’s required.  

2.    Develop your technical skills 

As a graphic designer, you will need to be proficient in design software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Again, take the time to learn these programs inside and out. Graphic design is a career with tight deadlines so being completely at ease with these programmes is essential as you will use them every single day! 

Once you have the above design knowledge and technical skills under your belt you’re almost ready to take that leap from design student to working professionally. But first you need a portfolio of your work!   

3.    Create a Portfolio

Your portfolio is your most important asset when it comes to finding new work. A great portfolio showcases your skills and talent, and gives potential employers an idea of what they can expect from working with you.  

If you don’t have any work to show yet, besides what you might have created as part of a course or your college work, then don’t worry just consider ways to build some examples to showcase your range of talents. Create your own design briefs. For example, you could do a redesign of a recognisable brand. Just get busy creating! 

You could also reach out to friends or family who may need help creating a design, like a wedding invitation for example. Or contact start-ups and charities. You could offer to do some posters, booklets etc. Once your portfolio is ready, containing a variety of around 7-10 examples of your best work, it’s time to get some work experience in the real world!  

4.    Work Experience 

You could start by applying for entry level positions or contact design agencies direct about a possible internship. Getting an internship or entry level position with an agency can offer invaluable experience when starting out and will give you an insight into how design companies function. You will get to understand timelines around projects and experience working with a range of clients. You’ll get to work alongside other graphic designers so be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. This not only provides you will valuable work experience but also provides an opportunity to build connections that can help you as you move forward in your graphic design career. 

5.    Develop skills that support the design process 

Becoming a graphic designer doesn’t mean you’ll spend every single hour of the day designing. There are lots of other factors that come into play from presenting ideas, collaborating, brainstorming and communicating with clients and team members etc. So it’s important to remember to develop the other skills that support the design process. Communication, problem solving and good time management skills are key if you want to succeed as a graphic designer.  

6.    Network and Get Involved With the Design Community 

 As you make connections with other designers, you’ll find yourself more immersed in the graphic design community, where you’ll be able to find and share helpful information and resources.  

Networking is an important part of your career, so do attend industry events, design talks, join professional organisations etc. to connect with other designers. 

Now that you know the steps needed to become a graphic designer, it’s just a matter of getting out there and putting in the work! Do remember though that the design industry is constantly changing, with new technologies and techniques emerging all the time. So keep learning, stay up to speed on new tools and processes, and continue building connections with your graphic design peers.

You’ve got this! 

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21st October 2021

We’re Hiring: Digital Marketing Project Manager

Dynamic Dublin Design and Marketing Agency seeking a full-time Digital Project Manager to join our vibrant team to deliver high quality projects to clients. 

Digital Project Manager 

We are looking for a Digital Project Manager to join our team. You will be responsible for the day-to-day management and smooth operation of various digital projects, including websites, social and advertising campaigns, and creating and executing digital marketing strategies. 

For this position, we expect you to be a tech-savvy professional with a good understanding of all areas of digital marketing and how it can be strategically harnessed to help our clients achieve their business goals.  

Main Responsibilities 

  • Managing digital projects for a range of clients including website project management, digital marketing campaign management and planning & implementing digital marketing strategies. 
  • Ensuring that projects are delivered on brief, on time and within budget. 
  • Developing briefs, liaising with account managers, clients, third party suppliers, managing budgets, timelines and resources. 
  • Developing project plans and managing the day-to-day development and coordination with cross-functional internal teams, external teams, and suppliers. 
  • Working as part of the Digital Team, and collaborating with colleagues on the Account Management and Design Teams, developers and external partners. 
  • Assistance with proposal writing, SOW documents and project planning. 
  • Occasional management of non-digital projects as part of an overall campaign. 
  • Providing creative and strategic input to campaigns. 



  • Must be comfortable working in a fast paced environment with strong teamwork and interpersonal skills. 
  • Experience as a Digital Marketing Professional (2 year +), creating and delivering digital strategies. 
  • Familiarity with Content Management systems such as WordPress, understanding of SEO, digital advertising and Google Ads, Tag Manager, & Analytics, etc.. 
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, managing multiple deadlines and schedules, ensuring all deliverables are met on time with accuracy and quality. 
  • Strong communication skills with excellent presentation, report writing and data analysis capabilities. 
  • Qualification in Digital Marketing preferred. 
  • Excellent written, verbal, & communication skills. 


Does this sound like the role for you? We would love to hear from you! Please email your CV to ciaranfox@idea.ie.

We’re Hiring: Senior Designer - Idea Digital

14th July 2021

We’re Hiring: Senior Designer

Idea is a creative brand, marketing and digital agency based in Dublin, we are looking for a senior graphic designer to join our friendly team.

The Role

  • A fast-moving agency environment will give you the opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Developing fresh, original, creative ideas.
  • Working with the Creative Director and Account Managers you will be designing a range of materials which would include brand identities, websites, social posts, reports, brochures, digital assets, large format print etc.
  • Translating strategic direction into high-quality design.
  • Developing brand Identities, guidelines and marketing collateral to bring a brand vision to life.
  • Working with the digital team to translate website ideas into sketches, wireframes, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes.
  • Designing website layouts, landing pages and email template


  • 4+ years experience, in an agency/design studio environment.
  • Ability to articulate ideas and the thought process behind them.
  • Expertise with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe XD, InVision.
  • Strong knowledge of UI/UX design best practices.
  • An understanding of web development process and logic.
  • A great understanding of visual design principles and appetite to push visual design boundaries.
  • Experience creating digital assets for a variety of target audiences.
  • Strong portfolio showing your breadth of design capabilities.
  • Exceptional eye for detail and quality.
  • Highly organised and proactive in approach – happy to work individually and as part of a fun and creative team.
  • Fluency in English

Does this sound like the role for you? We would love to hear from you! Please email 5 examples of your favourite work to jane@idea.ie with a CV by 21st July 2021.

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3rd January 2018

Bricking it: Building your career

While everyone has a different career path, there are skills and advice that can be useful for everyone. Idea were delighted to attend the ‘Bricking it: Building Your Career’ event last week, hosted by The Marketing Society. Speakers included Fiona Sweeney (Strategic Marketing Director for Kerry), Orlaith Blaney (CMO for Ervia) and Jules Fallon (Founder and Managing Director of 1st Options) – and they all had interesting points to deliver:

Go Back to Basics:

Orlaith Blaney has a career spanning over 23 years in the Advertising industry – and her take home point is simple, effective and yet often overlooked. She explains we can often forget to say ‘thank you’ to clients – they will be surprised but happy. Keeping a strong working relationship is key. Orlaith also advised there is so much opportunity out there – if you are not fully content in your current position then get out and explore more opportunities – life is too short!

7 Steps for Success:

The next speaker Fiona Sweeney began her career in 2000 when she began an Internship with Smirnoff Ice. Fiona has worked with many brands such as Diageo and Coca Cola and Superquinn. Retail she explains is definitely something that all people should experience – it’s a tough and fast-moving industry. The next change in Fiona’s career was to join Kerry as Marketing Director. Fiona has seven golden rules that she believes are key to develop and sustain a successful career:

  1. Only you will fight for your career as hard as you – It’s your own career and you have to work hard to put yourself in a position for promotion and self-development.
  2. Let your position guide you – if you find your position or work is getting a bit stale then it is time to look for other opportunities.
  3. Be self-aware – think about what you can leverage in yourself to be successful. You should be accepting of your flaws but be proactive in your attempts to fix them.
  4. Emotional intelligence is king – it’s important to network and interact with people who are in your industry.
  5. Find a great leader – reach out to someone who inspires you and ask them for advice and motivations that will drive you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone – most people will be flattered and happy to help!
  6. Embrace the fear – Being uncomfortable is good and needed if you want to progress. It’s ok to make mistakes, but learning from these mistakes is the challenge.
  7. Be insatiably curious – keep learning and asking questions.

It’s Good To Talk:

The final speaker Jules Fallon was modelling from a young age before accepting it was not her desired career. She decided to continue in the industry, albeit in a different role going on to found 1st Options Model Management. As echoed by Fiona in the previous talk, she believes finding a brilliant mentor is key to success. Old fashioned communication – such as asking your mentor to go for a coffee – is the best thing to do. Finally, Jules stated that networking is imperative. Get your name out there and watch your reputation grow she advises.

Thank you to all speakers for your invaluable advice – we are feeling inspired!


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