What’s New in Social Media so far in 2023

31st January 2023

What’s New in Social Media so far in 2023?

Social media is always evolving and it can be hard to keep on top of all the changes! We are here to bring you the most up-to-date social media updates throughout the year, starting with all the updates that have occurred throughout the first month of 2023, how many did you know?

LinkedIn Carousel

An update majority of LinkedIn users have been waiting a long time for! LinkedIn is slowly rolling out its new ‘ Create a carousel’ feature. Gone are the days of creating pdf files to load to LinkedIn to appear as ‘slides’! LinkedIn is sticking to their promise of making the platform easier for users to both use and thrive on.

LinkedIn Carousel - social media trends 2023

Instagram Scheduling

Instagram is currently trialing its new in-app scheduling feature. Users who have a Creator or Business account can now schedule their Reels, Carousels and Posts up to 75 days in advance, although this update is still in its initial stages, it is being welcomed by a lot of avid Instagram users.

Instagram Photos making a comeback?

According to the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, Instagram will be putting the focus back on photos after admitting they focused too much on video content over the last few years. This is a very welcomed change for many content creators around the world!

Instagram Modes

Instagram have announced new ‘modes’ including Quiet Mode, Hidden Words for Recommendations and Not Interested Multi Select.
Quiet Mode will allow you to select days and times where you don’t want to receive any notifications from Instagram. Allowing you to choose the days and times you will be more active on the platform.
Hidden Words for Recommendations – Hidden words currently exist in DM’s and comments but the feature is now being expanded to Recommendations.
Not Interested Multi Select – In the past, ‘Not Interested’ was a feature on the explore page by pressing down on an image that you were not interested in and selecting ‘ Not Interested’ to allow instagram to know not to show content like this to you in the future. The new feature is an update to this, where it now allows you to multi select many images on your explore page that you feel don’t align with you.

Instagram Modes - social media trends 2023

TikTok Audience Insights

TikTok has now launched a new Audience Insights feature in their Ads Manager, to allow you to deep dive into specific demographic details about your audience.

Twitter Swipeable Feed

Twitter is now rolling out a swipeable feed, giving you the option to look at a “For You” feed, or a “Following” feed. Very similar to TikToks famous For You feed!

Twitter Swipeable Feed - social media trends 2023

Twitter Updates Search

Twitter is looking into updating its search feature to now allow spelling mistakes. In the past, the Twitter search field would come up empty if you made a spelling mistake in your search. To search for something or someone on Twitter, you needed to make sure your text was 100% correct. Thankfully, they are updating their system to allow for any slight spelling mistakes, allowing you to still receive the results on your search!

That’s all the social updates for January 2023, but we are sure that there will be many more to come as 2023 unfolds! If you are struggling with your social media or would like to find out more about our social media services, click here to find out more.

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