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Project Overview

CDB Aviation is an aircraft leasing platform based in Dublin and Hong Kong. They engaged with sustainability consultancy, Sustainability Works to help develop their comprehensive sustainability strategy for the future.

Idea worked in partnership with both Sustainability Works and CDB Aviation to transparently communicate CDB Aviation’s sustainability strategy to both internal and external stakeholders through their inaugural sustainability report and web presence.
Sustainability Report
Our journey began with CDB Aviation's debut sustainability report. Our mission: to set the tone, map out the design, and structure this all-encompassing document while staying true to CDB Aviation's brand essence. We also aimed to create a report that was not only in harmony with their brand values but also easily digestible and engaging to readers.

We worked closely with CDB Aviation's Sustainability Working Group, delving deep into their backstory, aspirations, and the audiences they aimed to reach. This allowed us to embark on crafting the report's overarching design direction.
Design, Infographics, Imagery & Iconography
We were careful to use the existing brand identity in a way that didn’t compromise its integrity. We played by the brand's rules, creating a modern design that felt like a natural extension of their existing materials.

We created a piece of work that showcases impactful images, clever icons, and infographics to simplify complex information. We used colors to separate key sections - economic, social, and governance - clearly.

The result? A sustainability report that's easy to grasp. It highlights our client's commitment to making a positive impact by reducing emissions and addressing environmental, social, and governance challenges.
Website Evolution to Embrace Sustainability
As the report neared its completion, we simultaneously undertook the design and development of their website's sustainability section. This provided an overview of their sustainability approach, offering insights into the aviation industry's challenges, and role in shaping our climate. It showed their commitment as Lessors to champion their industry in taking responsibility for its environmental impact.

Each section of the report, along with the entire report itself, was made available for download through this dedicated web section. The report and sustainability section of the website was officially launched in May 2023 and received a hugely positive reaction.
Corporate Social Responsibility Branding
While working on the report and web presence to reflect their commitment to sustainability, another communication challenge arose around the CDB Aviation CSR programme.

It was clear that they are very active in all areas of CSR, support a huge number of initiatives, charities and community organisations working across the areas of childhood education, homelessness and the environment.

Their commitment to helping improve the quality of life of the communities where they operated needed a name and brand. We worked with the CSR team internally to create ‘together’, an identity that reflects the collaborative nature of the work they do within these communities.

From our brainstorming session together we understood the need to create an to create an open, friendly, impactful brand which captures the essence of their wide reaching CSR programme.
What the client had to say
"Idea were an absolute pleasure to work with. We presented them with a challenge to create something really impactful for our inaugural sustainability report, it needed to sit within our overall brand guidelines and convey a huge amount of information in a very visual way. The Idea team showed a real understanding of the brief and the project as a whole. They developed a creative direction that reflected our vision and worked with the team to make sure we got a sustainability report we were proud of. They also worked on some of our internal branding and created a new sustainability section for the CDB Aviation website which gives a summary overview of our ESG commitments.

The process was smooth, with a member of the team always available to work with us on any challenges that cropped up. The Idea team were creative, responsive and great to work with, they really delivered."
Fiona Scott, Chief People Officer, CDB Aviation

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