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Project Overview

The Annual Knowledge Transfer Survey provides a year-on-year report on the vital engagements between academia and industry, to deliver success to not only individual endeavors - but as a key element putting research and innovation at the heart of Ireland's continuing economic success.
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'Data Heavy'
By it’s content nature the Annual Knowledge Transfer Survey (AKTS) was quite ‘data heavy’, akin to an Annual Report there was a need to detail quite a lot of financials, results, Model Agreements, Spin-out Agreements etc. So our first priority was to ensure a layout and presentation of data that highlighted using concise infographics the impact AKTS initiatives make to the wider Irish economy.
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Accessible PDF
Clean charts, used in a landscape layout, in screen-readable interactive PDF form - maximised the use of colour and space to provide a document easily shared among key local and international audiences.
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Using chaptering allowed highlighting of key sections, including a dedicated “Success Stories” Chapter, a key element in promoting the benefits of the robust and well established Knowledge Transfer ecosystem in Ireland which delivers real results to local and international recognition.

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