Model Works



For over 30 years, Model Works have been creating amazing, architectural visualisations for the design, planning and marketing of property. 

The team at Model Works is led by Architects and Engineers and it was important to develop the brand identity with precision and balance.

Design Challenge

Model Works Brand

The Model Works brand needed to be invigorated, evolved, and reworked. Through a combination of workshops, client interviews, research, and digital reviews a decision was made to retain the Model Works name but to ensure that the new brand identity reflected the dynamic and innovative nature of their business.

It emerged that there was great brand equity in the Model Works name, they are regarded by their clients as ‘the best in the business’, it was our challenge to ensure that their brand and marketing collateral reflected this.

We started with an evolution of the brand identity, the words ‘Model’ and ‘Works’ are well balanced in terms of size and similarity and were well suited to stacking the name. The M reflects well with the W, aligning the O’s and the stems of the remaining letters to create a well-contained logo that exudes confidence and legibility at large sizes such as signage and small digital communications.

The start of the M was reduced to a pixel-like square to reflect the digital nature of much of their work.

We also looked at how The Model Works logo could be represented with the MW abbreviation for social channels.


Model Works Website

Once the brand values had been established and the brand identity created we started work on the digital presence. The website needed to showcase the range, scale, and beauty of architectural projects at their best. The portfolio-style bespoke site is image-led and shows the wow factor Model Works can bring to their CGIs.

Feedback from the research led to more of a focus on their digital/social marketing. Clients wanted to see what Model Works was doing. Their work is perfectly suited to Instagram’s visually led content so we worked with the Model Works team to create a social strategy to increase awareness and engagement with their current & potential client base.

The Modelworks brand and website were launched at the end of 2020.