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Project Overview

Established in 1998 as a local building contractor, Bretland quickly grew through exemplary projects, solidifying its position as a reputable name in the development industry. Collaborating closely with the Bretland team, Idea embarked on a comprehensive review and evolution of their branding strategy
Excellence in Construction and Client Relationships
Over the years, Bretland has demonstrated consistent growth and diversification, successfully delivering projects ranging from personal dream homes to sophisticated commercial buildings and robust industrial facilities. Throughout this journey, the company has maintained a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.
Harmonising Heritage and Ambition
As part of the brand refresh, the goal was to capture the organisation's confidence, size and success, while preserving the essence of its heritage and origins, integral elements that have contributed to Bretland's success as a highly regarded main contractor. Idea's approach involved a meticulous review and simplification of the existing Bretland brand mark. Introducing a new font and colour palette to modernise the brand to mirror the precision and dedication inherent in the company's approach to all projects.
Comprehensive Brand Implementation Strategy
In addition to reshaping the brand identity, Idea designed and implemented a large suite of marketing collateral. This included the development and launch of a new website, stationery, signage, brochures, and photography – all strategically aligned with the refreshed brand, showcasing Bretland's commitment to excellence in every aspect of their work.
Brand Rollout
By seamlessly integrating brand elements, our stationery suite presents a polished and consistent appearance, leaving a lasting impression on clients and partners. It embodies Bretland's dedication to excellence in every aspect of construction.
Digital & Social Presence
In tandem with Bretland's brand implementation strategy, we created social media templates to amplify the company's online presence. Striking a balance between visual aesthetics and brand elements, each template showcases the essence of Bretland's premier construction services, aligning with the brand's commitment to excellence.
From project highlights to team spotlights, these templates align with the brand's commitment to excellence. The result is a visually cohesive and engaging social media presence that reinforces Bretland's identity and resonates with its target audience, further solidifying the brand's position in the construction industry.
What the client had to say
"Working with the team at Idea has been a truly remarkable experience for us at Bretland. From start to finish, their professionalism, creativity, and dedication exceeded our expectations, delivering an amazing website that perfectly encapsulates our brand. We are immensely grateful for their hard work and the fantastic results, and cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to elevate their online presence."
Coleman Yates, Deputy Managing Director

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