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Project Overview

Since 1978, GEM has cultivated a reputation as a trusted partner in the Irish construction industry. Their highly skilled team's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, coupled with a belief in constant growth and teamwork, has solidified their standing in the sector. As a leading Tier 2 contractor, GEM recognised the need to update their branding to mirror their success and to highlight their forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation within the industry.
A Strategic Evolution in Brand Concept and Identity
In response, Idea developed three distinct brand concept directions, offering variation between evolutionary and revolutionary. Building on the existing confidence and strength of the GEM brand, we introduce a refreshed identity that plays to existing strengths. We simplified the logo by using one colour – a contemporary, energetic red. We built on the existing credibility of GEM and softened the sharp edges of the icon, helping to bring to mind the honesty of the GEM approach and their people with an aim to inject a sense of humanism into the brand. We use the existing uppercase approach to the letters and introduce a new font style, one that has both more personality and strength. Overall giving the new identity a strong, distinctive feel.
Building on Integrity
At the heart of GEM lies its people – the driving force behind the brand's success. Through an immersive brand and messaging workshop and in-depth interviews with GEM clients, we uncovered a pivotal insight: the brand's identity should spotlight its dedicated team members, who truly embody the spirit of GEM. To bring this vision to life we directed photoshoots of their team, capturing candid moments both within the office environment and out on site. These images have since become the cornerstone of our marketing collateral, infusing authenticity and human connection into every piece.
Brand Rollout
The new brand was seamlessly integrated across a variety of marketing materials, spanning from the website and hoarding to the stationery suite and various templates. This comprehensive rollout ensured a cohesive and impactful representation of the brand across all touchpoints.
Our primary focus was to capture the essence of GEM through photography, highlighting the people who embody its spirit. Through numerous photoshoots, both in their office setting and on location, we aimed to showcase the dedication to quality that comes from GEM's team. These images prominently feature the faces of GEM employees and have been strategically incorporated into marketing materials, serving as powerful representations of the authenticity, reliability, and confidence that define GEM's values.
In the re-design and development of the new GEM website, our focus was on showcasing their impressive portfolio of projects while also strategically placing the spotlight on the individuals of GEM to portray the wealth of experience embodied by the team. This approach not only showcases their expertise but also aims to foster a deeper connection with visitors, embodying GEM's commitment to both quality craftsmanship and the people driving it forward.

The GEM website seamlessly adapts to various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience across all screens. The website takes on a sleek and intuitive design, curated to narrate the captivating journey of GEM. Since their inception in 1978, GEM has undergone a remarkable evolution, culminating in their current status as a top-tier two contractor in the construction industry. Each milestone along their journey is showcased, serving as a testament to GEM's unwavering commitment to excellence.
What the client had to say
Working with Idea on the GEM rebrand has been an excellent experience. Their guidance and patience throughout the entire process has been invaluable from start to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to refresh or rebrand their company.
Eleanor Healy, Marketing & HR Co-ordinator

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