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14th November 2016

5 tips to win when bidding – every time

Over the past decade the amount of business won through tenders has increased dramatically, and so too has the standard of submissions. Assessment panels and awarding authorities have seen a dramatic increase in the standard of content and presentation of bids at all levels, whether it be for a major infrastructural project worth millions of euros or a supply contract for considerably less.

In managing any bid or tender we recommend that you consider the following five points:

1. Be compliant

Regardless of how well written or presented your submission is, it MUST comply with the awarding authority’s guideline. Failure to do so will simply result in you losing points, or even worse, being disqualified.

2. Planning and Team Building

Many bids require the input of a variety of internal and external individuals. Always complete the easy sections first. These are usually CVs, case studies and even accounts. Get them out of the way to ensure your team has ample time on the bid-specific content. Create a spreadsheet that identifies all contributors and set agreed deadlines – and stick to them.

3. Executive Summary

Always include an Executive Summary. The allows you to present wider details about your company and why it is the perfect candidate for the bid. It also provides an opportunity to include Infographics, charts and corporate imagery. The Executive Summary may provide the awarding authority with a sense of your organisation that the clinical answers required in the bid submission does not deliver.

4. Invest in presentation

The standard of material being supplied for tenders has increased dramatically over the past decade. If the awarding body requires hard copies, invest in the presentation by applying good design values to the material. If your in-house people are not sufficiently confident, then hire a specialist, particularly if the prize is worth it.

5. Your Brand

Remember that you’re delivering your brand in any bid, and therefore you need to ensure that it is delivered to the highest possible standard. You should also think ahead, and if you don’t win a specific bid you may be elected for future ones, particularly if the awarding body recognises the quality and depth of your services.


Nicholas Cloake MIDI

Bid & Retail Account Director

The IDEA Bid Management team is led by Nicholas Cloake (previously of Baseline) who has directed and managed over €2.5 Billion successful tenders over the past 10 years. His experience combined with the creative, marketing and project management resources of IDEA ensures that our clients will enjoy a world-class level of expertise and service.

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