Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer

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Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer was an online risk analysis tool to help companies assess their exposure to the specific risks of Brexit. Bord Bia then worked through the Barometer with their client companies. This generated a tailored report for these companies highlighting their own individual exposure and actions that can be taken. Following the participation of client companies in Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer process, Bord Bia launched a report of Industry Findings as identified by Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer.

Design Challenge

We were engaged to develop a brand for Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer. The brand needed to represent the scale, seriousness and unpredictable nature of the challenges facing the industry but also reflect the dynamic, practical and analytical approach of Bord Bia.

We achieved this with our design strategy, using basic shapes representative of broken EU flags that were placed in an unsystematic implementation, evoking a sense of optimism. Idea complemented these with bright and friendly colours, which alluded to a perception of a hopeful future.


The industry findings of Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer were very well received by their clients as well as displaying their understanding of the implications of Brexit to all stakeholders. The launch, findings, report, video, as well as the Bord Bia Brexit Barometer online tool itself got great traction in the media.

Bord Bia and all the team were very satisfied with the design of the brand from initial concept through to execution of all materials.

What our
clients think?

Ciaran Fox and the team provided fantastic support for the project, delivering creativity and professionalism against a very tight deadline.

Mary Morrissey, Bord Bia