Glensavage, Avoca Road Blackrock



Bartra has recently launched Glensavage, an exclusive residential development in south Dublin. Glensavage is located in a beautifully landscaped woodland setting in the prestigious area of Blackrock, with stunning apartments, houses & gate lodges for sale.

Idea worked on the branding of Glensavage, creating a premium look and feel to reflect the quality of homes and location of the scheme. We also designed and built the Glensavage website, showcasing the prime location, surrounding amenities, and unique Scandinavian design of the homes through visual elements, strong photography, and clear, simple copy. The website design was carefully aligned with the Glensavage branding to maintain the consistent message that this is a housing development of the highest quality.


Glensavage is a high-end residential development located in a hidden site in the highly sought-after area of Blackrock. We were tasked with creating a brand that communicated the development’s elegant, luxurious yet simple nature.

An approach of sophisticated simplicity allowed the focus to fall on the strength of the project itself – highly considered architectural design and natural surroundings being at the heart of the Glensavage brand.

We incorporated palettes of monochrome with accents of green, denoting the lush landscapes the houses will be situated amongst. Characteristics of nature/foliage were used to give prominence to the surroundings, and give the impression of living that simple life in ‘a world away’.